Kai the Hitchhiker Crime Scene Photos And Transcripts

The bulk of the media coverage of the Caleb McGillvary (better known as Kai the Hitchhiker) trial seems to have ignored some rather salient points like the fact that the alleged rapist died with blood and semen on his penis. Or the fact that Kai’s claims of being drugged couldn’t be proved due to a dishwasher being run to wash out the glasses. This occurred around the time the alleged rapist, Joseph Galfy’s brother, the former sheriff of the town, was inexplicably allowed to enter (i.e. contaminate) the crime scene.

A cursory glance at transcripts and photos reveal so much wrong with the case that for whatever reasons most mainstream news outlets haven’t bothered to look more deeply into. I will be uploading crime scene photos and transcripts here and any more pertinent documents or images in order to provide easy access to the raw data that defense, prosecution and the mainstream media reporting all neglected. For an intro on exactly what all this means, explanations of the photos and some interesting points culled from the transcript and investigation notes refer to my article “Massive Miscarriage of Justice” from 2018 available online here.

Download 99 page Grand Jury transcript here.