Walking The Wire Ep4 AfterParty Twitter Space Convo

B.Z. Douglas, my cohost on the Walking the Wire podcast set up a Twitter Spaces after our latest episode was released. Several folks on Twitter that are mutuals of ours showed up and the conversation ran the gamut from prosecutorial corruption to Stanley Kubrick conspiracies and B.Z.’s idea for a crowdsourced investigation platform to help us get stories we’re too busy to fully devote ourselves to at the moment some more eyes on the situation.

We should be doing these after each show, so every couple weeks. Hope to see you there next time! Feel free to just listen in live, join the convo or listen to the recording after the fact.

Walking the Wire s1e3: The Buys w/ Kareem Henton

Synopsis: The brass deal with the fallout from Prez’s brutality. Freamon steps out of the shadows with a fresh photo of Avon. Omar makes his grand entrance in the Pit.

Our Guest: Kareem Henton is the Vice President of Black Lives Matter Cleveland.


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