True Story of Kai the Hitchhiker Interview with Ricky Varandas

I returned to Ricky Varandas’ The Ripple Effect podcast where, this time to talk about my latest book Smash, Smash, Smash: the true story of Kai the Hitchhiker. Tomorrow morning I should be recording an interview with Fiona Dodwell who did the first published review of the book and I just returned responses for an email interview at Edgar Award Winning mystery and thriller author Mindy McGinnis’ blog.

Wednesday I’ll be recording with Savannah at Guilt by Corruption podcast and hopefully by Wednesday or Thursday copies will begin to be printed. We had an epub validation error that held things up but hopefully no more QC errors and will have the book available for sale with major retailers. You can buy the digital book (epub, mobi or pdf) and pre-order audiobook or signed copies of the print book at as well.$/embed/@therippleeffectpodcast:d/The-Ripple-Effect-Podcast–449:8?r=yzbWzwXyLGEH6jTumHWCH53zeYeBVUvp

Pedogate Primer Interview for The Ripple Effect Podcast

Big thanks to Ricky Varandas at The Ripple Effect for having me on his show to talk about Pedogate Primer: the politics of pedophilia as well as several other topics in a mammoth 2.5 hour conversation. We covered a lot of ground from the book, but also several other subjects tangential to the topics in the book and more.

Previous interviews from other podcasts and radio shows as well as interviews I’ve conducted with various people can always be found in the  interview section. Also Sunday around 1pm ET my interview with Truthzilla will be premiering at YouTube. I should be there in the chat so make sure to come join us!

Pedogate Primer: the politcs of pedophilia is available for purchase on Kindle and free to read right now with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. You can also pick up the paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target and Powell’s Books and a few other shops worldwide including Australia, Taiwan and Poland. The audiobook, narrated by myself, was also just released at If you’d like a review copy of the audiobook, contact me through the contact form or email at and I’ll send you a promo code.