postXamerica and Birdie Hall Invade NYC Art Scene!

Visual and music artist postXamerica will be showing her work along with artist Birdie Hall in New York between November 9th and November 28th

For the uninitiated, the first time viewing one of the montage videos by postXamerica can be a rather disorienting experience. I personally have shared with several people who were notably shaken. One could compare the work to the anti-comedy style prevalent on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, but what separates this work from that more commercial entertainment are the themes and sheer talent involved. 

Digging through hours and hours of archival video, postXamerica finds the perfect clips and most potent juxtaposition of said clips and sequences featuring the likes of Epstein, Kevin Spacey, their friend Bill Clinton and others. Some of the short video segments are jaw-dropping and I have no idea what postie’s “process” looks like as far as source gathering, I did however manage to get an exclusive comment from the artist. When asked if she had any comments on her work or biographical information to share she told me, and I quote, “I have nothing.” 

NEW YORK: PREPARE FOR INVASION (ft— Post☀️America (@postXamerica) November 4, 2021

Which is fine, because waxing poetic on the work of one of my favorite living artists doesn’t require flashy “artist’s statements.” The work will appeal to anyone intrigued by the Burroughs-Gysin cut-up method. It’s obviously a development on that initial theme with some touches of Guy DeBord’s Society of the Spectacle documentary thrown in for good measure, but DeBord, Burroughs and Gysin are products of their time. As a result, they may seem dated to the post-post-modern, post-American. 

If a conspiratorial assault of the senses is something that piques your interest, do head over to the postXamerica YouTube channel for a taste of the madness and the method first-hand. You can also avail yourself of some of the killer tracks found in the videos and more at bandcamp. If you can’t make the show, you can at least get exclusive material via Patreon. You can even show your support with distinctive merchandise such as the Clinton/Epstein “Friends Forever” t-shirt. 

Be warned, this media is not for everyone. But for those who get it, it’s a doorway to another world as well as a charcoal pill antidote to the gaslight effect of the daily propaganda barrage we are forced to live with daily. 

I’m new to Birdie Hall, but after checking out her website my first question I believe was “Are you a Morris Graves fan.” Mind you, her work doesn’t look like Morris’ per se. Certainly not derivative, no it was something far more subtle. Perhaps the kinship between one of the Mystic Sons of Morris Graves (of which I am a proud initiate) and one of Graves Mystic Daughters’. Should be receiving some more info from her and will be pitching a feature length story to a few publications. Sigh, if none respond in a timely manner as the show is running only from November 9th to 28th then you should expect a more fleshed out feature here at the very least.

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Sirhan Paroled? The Truth Of the RFK Assassination

With his recommendation for parole for the first time ever, Sirhan Sirhan is a step closer to freedom than ever before. Some say the 77-year-old “has served his time” and therefore deserves to be free. I disagree, as Sirhan was never guilty in the first place. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence however, which is why I compiled multiple citations, sources and expert opinions for each of the claims made. The bulk of this video is from sections of the chapter on the Kennedy assassinations from my forthcoming book, Deep State: penetrating the veils of the unelected shadow government.

Please excuse my slightly scratchy voice, also faltered and lost my place a few times. Have been short on sleep for months now thanks to the pain from the spinal injury but with so many sharing their opinions without mentioning so many of the pertinent details which make it clear that it was physically impossible for Sirhan to have shot RFK despite having a gun and firing it at the scene.