Confederacy of Dunces Ignatius O'Reilly

A Scene From Confederacy Of Dunces Narrated by Philip Fairbanks

I first discovered J.K. Toole’s work while homeless so “the problem of space” discussed (where to keep all your books and notebooks, of course) hit home (pun not intended) quite hard. This is a scene from early in the book, Ignatius O’Reilly is being hassled and harassed by a busybody cop while his mother is shopping and he is fiddling around with his lute strings. Like Ignatius, I seem to be a cop magnet even when I’m technically not doing anything wrong so I had some fun with this.

I guess you could say I’m “taking requests” but more so, taking random comments from mutual followers on social media and using that as an excuse to create or upload things I already would have given an excuse or possibly would have gotten around to otherwise.

I was homeless but had a library card so the first time I read Confederacy of Dunces I was couch hopping, squatting in abandoned (in some cases soon to be condemned) properties until I got busted and they put me up in a hotel after I started quoting the Tennessee Code Annotated law for “adverse possession” so they just put me up in a hotel until the homeless shelter in town had a room for me. Anyway, I remember reading that book, reading it aloud often. “The problem of space” still haunts me. I’m not homeless now but not quite financially stable so worrying about what will happen to my books, notebooks etc. if I end up having to resort to a quick or forced exodus is something that still resonates quite strongly.

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