Kabul Falls?! Musing on the Graveyard of Empires

“We’ve got them outnumbered and they’ve got us surrounded!” Kabul is now being taken by the Taliban as the US and allied forces turn tail and run leaving massive amounts of military hardware. But how different will the world be for Afghan citizens and the world if the Taliban does breeze through? How much worse will they be (or can they be) than what they’ve been putting up with under occupation for two decades straight. Military waste, intelligence operation drug running and ruined lives all around are the legacy of these wars for profit. Don’t buy the hype that after 20 years of not fixing it we should toss a few trillion more on the funeral pyre of the American empire as the military industrial complex marches on…

Currently making notes on James Tharin Bradford’s Poppies, Politics and Power: Afghanistan and the Global History of Drugs and Diplomacy, Dawn Paley’s Drug War Capitalism and Ryan Gingeras’ Heroin, Organized Crime, and the Making of Modern Turkey. Turkey and Afghanistan have long been important stops on the opium/heroin pipeline and I have a feeling Turkey will likely be working to ensure they stay “in the loop” as the dust settles at the changing of the guard in the graveyard of empires.

pirates are everywhere! Surrender or Die! mental marauders on the high seas of cyberspace and the ports of your stream of consciousness

pirates are everywhere. it was chomsky quoting the patron saint of brewers st. augustine, who said that the basic difference between pirates and emperors are that pirates have a ship and emperors have an armada.  the notion of piracy to me, in regards to the realm of cyberspace as well as that of “meatspace,” is as intriguing as it is frightening. pirates, like any other selective society have “signals” and “totems” that set them apart from the world at large. the infamous jolly roger, the pirate’s skull and bones, were one of the most well known and feared of the hailing signs of these infamous marauders.the so-called “anonymous” legion of hackers are a great example of modern day pirates sailing the high seas of cyberspace. however, like the pirates of old, there is infighting, treachery, mistrust along with the occasional loose alliance with either some other faction of the mass of miscreants, looters, anti-authoritarians and mercenaries who fly under the same defiant sign.

for instance a group of trolls or torrenters may form occasional uneasy alliances with others flying beneath their flag or, depending on the occasion, the individual’s philosophy or the circumstance, any flag. in place of the jolly roger today we have the guy fawkes mask of 4chan borne meme “epic fail guy” and hearkening back to secret societies with their code words we have terms like “soup” and “i know what you did there.”according to Peter T. Leeson’s essay “Pirational Choice: The Economics of Infamous PiratePractices” (a discussion of “the economics of famous pirate practices” as viewed through the lens of economics and games theory), “Pirates earn their largest payoff when the merchantman doesn’t resist them and they don’t slaughter its crew. Pirates take the target without a costly fight. Further, they contribute to a reputation for kindness to cooperative targets. Pirates earn a smaller payoff if the merchantman surrenders but pirates slaughter its crewmembers anyway. Pirates take the target without a costly fight but they damage their reputation for kindness to cooperative targets. Pirates earn a still smaller payoff if the merchantman resists and they slaughter its crew in response. In this case pirates engage in a costly conflict, but they contribute to a reputation for mercilessness toward uncooperative targets. Pirates earn their smallest payoff if the merchantman resists but pirates ‘wimp out’ and don’t slaughter its crew as punishment. Pirates suffer a costly conflict. Further, they damage their reputation for mercilessness toward resistant targets.”

pirates jolly roger anonymous
Pirates of Penzance, Act I finale, The Jolly Roger raised

the world is a mass of gangs who at the highest levels are, if not in league, at least gentlemanly, or rather, economically shrewd enough to realize that though a bit of healthily blooodthirsty competition coordinated amongst the numerous gangs involved will lead to reputation building within the cadre for the secured thugs in whatever field, be it the security state, organized crime, fraternal secret orders, street gangs, high profile corporations, politicians and various national, political and/or ideological coalitions struggling for a mass of (in the new century) not just market share, but the all important currency of “mind share.” perhaps the rise in interest in the idea of an all-controlling group like “the illuminati” comes from a gestalt arising from the reality of multiple power brokers (pirates) sailing the seas of cyberspace (and from that sea of cyberspace often directly through multiple varied streams of consciousness) in a sort of collusion as they cast lots over the contents of our psyches via shared symbols and manipulation of fears and aspirations of sub-groups of the populace.

mind share, if you weren’t familiar, is a creepy bit of marketing/advertising terminology that’s about as nefarious as it sounds. Instead of being all focused on controlling the market share and amassing purely material capital, we’ve entered an age where having a greater “mind share” is preferable to market share, i.e. Pepsi Cola has a narrowly smaller market share worldwide and is actually making greater gains as of last fiscal season* compared to Coca Cola which has a respectable but not commanding lead in shares and net revenue. However as per mind share, Coca Cola wins hands down. in short, they’re not merely after our wallets anymore, now they want our heads and hearts.

here’s how this works: what bandage company has the largest mind share? Band-aid brand. what flavored gelatin producer has the most share in the collective consumer mind? Jell-o, and like these three previously mentioned classics, Coca Cola is also practically eponymous as the prototypical and quintessential eponymous cola product. being from small town tennessee i’m fairly used to hearing folks ask for a “coke” when they could be requesting anything from a dr pepper to a sprite or a root beer.

“Pirates earn their largest payoff when the merchantman doesn’t resist them and they don’t slaughter its crew. Pirates take the target without a costly fight. Further, they contribute to a reputation for kindness to cooperative targets. Pirates earn a smaller payoff if the merchantman surrenders but pirates slaughter its crewmembers anyway. Pirates take the target without a costly fight but they damage their reputation for kindness to cooperative targets. Pirates earn a still smaller payoff if the merchantman resists and they slaughter its crew in response. In this case pirates engage in a costly conflict, but they contribute to a reputation for mercilessness toward uncooperative targets. Pirates earn their smallest payoff if the merchantman resists but pirates ‘wimp out’ and don’t slaughter its crew as punishment. Pirates suffer a costly conflict. Further, they damage their reputation for mercilessness toward resistant targets.”

the Net is a Sea loaded with gold including a new currency for the new millennium. bullion, here at the beginning of the first quarter of the new century in this new millennial age, is still the “gold standard” for wealth, but info brokering for the purposes of consumer research, trend forecasting, predictive analytics within the realm of the burgeoning field of data mining (there’s gold in them thar’ algorithms). “big data”  may soon keep pace with the “dinosaurs” of the petrofueled “big oil” In addition with the revolutions in communications, as web3.0 (UbikWeb as I call it, as it will be practically ubiquitous within and without of the home) is rolled out, there appears before us a wireless wonderland for the “users” to gladly offer up their personalities to be profiled and comparatively analyzed alongside the larger field of their surrounding culture.

The the world of UbikWeb is one where Isaac Aasimov’s fictional science of “Psychohistory” which melded history, psychology and statistics to predict overall patterns in populations is becoming closer to a reality. The the basic idea is that, for instance, one can’t perfectly predict the behavior of a single helium molecule outside of a vacuum, but the general movement of a helium gas cloud could be fairly well foreseen. which brings us to predictive analytics, the boon of “big data.” that is the holy grail for social media marketers, media moguls, law enforcement and government agents. The the trend for law enforcement to use “fusion centers” for “receipt, analysis, gathering, and sharing of threat-related information between the federal government and state, local, tribal, territorial (SLTT) and private sector partners” is an example of the department of homeland security’s utilization of this new field. this was supposedly what “strategic forecasting” aka “stratfor” was aiming towards. using predictive software and commercial mass surveillance (which is a multi-billion dollar industry) before being exposed by “hacktivists,” speaking once again of our aforementioned modern day pirates the “anonymous” hacker gang. this technology and it’s use aren’t going away any time soon, the payoffs are too great for those involved. besides, in a society that’s “amusing ourselves to death” in the words of neil postman, eventually leading towards “descent into computer aided unconsciousness and consumer fascism” as NYU’s Douglas Rushkoff (author of 1995’s “media virus” one of the first book length works to tackle the topic of viral media) puts it, and it seems as if we may be heading right there into a world where our every move and public comment are cataloged and scrutinized in order to influence and predict our future thoughts and

Surrender or Die, was the cry of the ( mostly unrelated excepting their mutual use of the fear inspiring emblem of the skull and crossbones) black legions who branded themselves as mercenaries to be dealt with on their terms, or suffer dire consequences. similarly today big banks, multimedia institutions, corporations, governments and others are amassing, hoarding and hiding the treasure troves of what cnbc has called “the sexiest job of the 21st century”  and one of the most in demand fields to work in. surrender or die, is the cry of the varying groups who would like to control data, influence future trends and most effectively engage in civilian perception management  as mapped out in the 90’s air force document “new world vistas” . see also cass sunnstein, (author of “on rumours” and formerly of the “office of information and regulatory affairs”) a proponent of Infiltrative Disinformation Tactics termed “cognitive infiltration” in regards to the growing community of “truthers,” “alex jonesians” and other subscribers to any but the “official story” that’s been standardized, broadcast and purposefully doctored and formulated for a specific behavioural outcome within the desired target “belief-network.” considering his viewpoints on the use of disinformation tactics to weaken from within and discredit from without numerous alternatives to the neatly packaged bit of over-processed gruel that passes for “fact” in the mainstream media as well as the academic institutions. now,, maybe i’m just crass and i know i have a tendency to be paranoid but this strikes me as eerily similar to the model of orwell’s “ministry of truth.”

Alex Jones Infowars Hoffman Lenses they live
Hoffman lenses ftw

as the world becomes more and more standardized and we’re bombarded with more and more simulations of reality in what was already a hyperreal plastic simulacra, the smoke and mirror sideshow illusion that keeps the emperor looking clothed. taste tribes growing up around “lifestyle” brands creating convenient pigeon-hole niches to choose from any number of pre-approved and prefabricated lifestyles with accompanying uniform, mores, culture, ideals, etc. who needs a personality these days when there are so many being sold right off the rack and from such a variety of sub-genres of the massive mono-culture in it’s prismatic incarnation. the real is becoming less real. Ron Sukenick, in his novel “out,” describes the situation as being like a billboard obscuring the mountains with a billboard proudly proclaiming: “come see the mountains.”

surrender or die, cry the hordes poised upon their black binary galleons. collecting, analyzing and modifying information then regurgitating it as specifically altered pablum designed for a specific response from the various target behavioral groups and by controlling the “good data,” i.e. the truly valuable mass of information from an increasingly growing number of sources in the age of UbikWeb where a neo-luddite can’t stand a chance these days in a world where even job applications and more are often required to be filled out online. pirates are everywhere and these days may be as significant in the coming years as they were in the days of dreaded privateers. they’re still out for your head, this time they won’t take it with a cutlass but wiith the voluntarily offered information you feed to the ever hungry data banks of the “big data” mines, whose mines may one day outovulate the oil fields, diamond and gold mines that have been the kingmakers in the millennium prior.

and as for advice from your soapbox climbing evangelist? don’t lose your head.

*this article was initially written/completed circa March/April 2014.

Wall Street Journal &Washington Post Advertorial Infotainment

So, is BlackRock writing op-eds these days? Seen a lot of this kind of thing very recently and its something that happens more than it should. Conflicts of interest in coverage and barely disguised advertisements posing as “news” in some of the most respected papers in the nation. Got to say, they’re getting a little too obvious these days and more and more people aren’t buying the bait.

Latest rant posted to YouTube is above right here. Stay tuned will have a new episode of through the plastic screen podcast. Several guests lined up for interview in the coming weeks, you can keep track of the new episodes when they drop at the link above or over a dozen other podcast archive platforms. And don’t forget you can pick up the new book Pedogate Primer: the politics of pedophilia. It is now available for Kindle, audiobook and paperback at Amazon, Powell’s, Barnes & Noble or Powell’s books.

Escape and Overcome: Jessica’s Story (through the plastic screen podcast ep02)

I spent months talking to victims of a Texas ponzi and real estate fraud ring before sharing my notes and numbers with journalist Alissa Fleck. For backstory make sure to check out Crimescoop.org’s coverage. Part II will be coming soon. Dozens of people lost everything, some, even their lives. Today we will be focusing on Jessica’s story. 

Jessica was married to one of the members of the con ring. It wasn’t until she found herself living in Costa Rica that some issues began to arise that were too big to ignore. We will hear her harrowing experience and courageous escape. She has spent years keeping in contact with some of the others who were hurt by this callous gang and has repeatedly done what she can to get this story of multimillion dollar fraud, a mini-Madoff ring that preyed not on the fabulously wealthy but on people from all walks of life. 

You can listen to it at Buzzsprout, Stitcher, Spotify, Audible or other podcasting platforms.

plastic screen ep01: William Ramsey’s Global Death Cult

Episode 1 of through the plastic screen is live! Had some static issues with the headset mic during the first 5 minutes but took care of it after that. Lav mic on the way, so hopefully future episodes will be higher quality. Unfortunately, can’t sit up and use the home recording studio mixer/mic kit I previously used to record due to the spinal injury keeping me on my side most of the day. If you can get past the static in the first few minutes, you’re in for a wild ride. Ramsey’s Global Death Cult:  The Order of Nine Angles, Atomwaffen and the Slaughter of the Innocents is an incredible tale, stranger than fiction.

Listen to the episode here.

For those familiar with MK-Ultra, Project Paperclip and Gladio, the idea of military and intelligence working with Nazis shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Ramsey’s latest book delves into the Order of 9 Angles/O9A which boasts connections as far ranging as David Tibet of the underground goth band Current 93 to Operation Gladio front group Column 88 (H being the 8th letter of the alphabet, 88 is shorthand for “Heil Hitler”).

What’s more, these groups are responsible for decades of murders, terror attacks and other atrocities and they have cells, or “nexions” to use their lingo, all over the world. Make sure to check out Ramsey’s site William Ramsey Investigates as well. You can find his podcast and previous books and even get signed copies direct from the author. Ramsey was also one of the first podcasters to interview me about my book Pedogate Primer: the politics of pedophilia you can find that interview here.

Interview with William Ramsey on Global Death Cult (Atomwaffen, Order of 9 Angles, the Base)

We go in deep on a global satanic/fascist/military nexus of related occult orders interested in neo-Nazi theology, race war and infiltrating police and the armed forces. If you wanted to know the connection between David Tibet of Current 93 and the Edinburgh nail bomber or how Gladio led to a family of satanic/fascist secret orders and the potential FBI connection to Antifa researchers Unicorn Riot.

Charles Manson, James Mason (the white nationalist, not Cary Grant’s costar in North by Northwest), Genesis P-Orridge, Lindsay Souvannarath the half-Thai neo-Nazi “furry” responsible for plotting the attempted Halifax Valentine’s day mall shooting, the cast of characters and the plot is almost difficult to believe but having read William’s thoroughly cited book, it’s harder to deny the possibility.

The audio only version, including 90 seconds of bumper music and intro monologue by me will be uploaded to http://philfairbanks.buzzsprout.com and from there syndicated to all the major podcasting platforms for you to download. Generally the podcast episode will come first, but since we recorded on Streamyard it was recorded as a live broadcast. In the future, will try to inform folks if a livestream is planned, was fun interacting with and answering questions from everyone listening at YouTube.

Still bedridden and in the neck brace and cervical collar which makes sitting up to type difficult and my headset mic had some static issues, but will be using a lav mic for future recordings until I am able to get surgery and get back to using the home recording set up. Not to mention being able to finish revisions for the Deep State book and work on gathering sources and making notes the next two titles I have in the works.

The podcast will be fairly eclectic: folklore experts, reports, a PI, authors on various subjects, a scientist who studies ethnobotanical herbs, a crusader against the dangers of topical steroid awareness… in short, just people and topics I’m interested in. If you have suggestions for someone who might make a good guest, you can email me at kafkaguy@gmail.com.

Make sure to check out the William Ramsey Investigates website and Ramsey’s podcast and if the topic of this episode piques your interest, trust me, this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can get the book (even signed copies for collectors) directly from William at his site.

through the plastic screen Podcast debuts!

Will be doing a podcast, got some great guests lined up. Will probably post the first 30-45 minutes free on the various podcast sites (stitcher, spreaker, pandora, fm player, buzzsprout and others) and share the full episodes here at Patreon. First episode is a snippet from PI Ed Opperman’s interview with me about my recent book, it was a Patreon exclusive but he gave me permission to share a portion of the interview, for just $3/mo. You can get access to documents, interviews and more from Ed, highly recommend if you’re interested in true crime, corruption and parapolitics.

PI Ed Opperman is one of the first folks who was tracking down Epstein years before MSM caught on, years before he was a household name. He was also involved in uncovering the secret service underage sex scandal in Colombia using his skills as a forensic investigator. He’s appeared on multiple major news outlets and interviewed best selling authors, experts of all stripes and high caliber parapolitical researchers and authors so I’m always honored when I get a chance to do the show.
My latest appearance on the Opperman Report was in February, it ran on about a half dozen FM stations and a few more on the AM band, but the full episode is a Patreon exclusive online. Luckily, Ed gave me permission to share a snippet of that interview here where I talk about my book Pedogate Primer: the politics of pedophilia. Conversation runs from whether I know who Q really is to the DOD child porn scandal and Project Flicker to CIA’s mind control experiment MK-Ultra and the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and more. If you enjoy the show, you can find my other two episodes of the Opperman Report on YouTube, at Stitcher and Spreaker or by going to philfairbanks.com and clicking on the interviews tab at the top. If you like what you hear, I recommend checking out his patreon for exclusive documents, court filings, exclusive Patreon only interviews and more and don’t forget you can find my book Pedogate Primer at Amazon for Kindle, Kindle Unlimited or in paperback as well as through Barnes and Noble and a couple of other sites.

Check out episode 1 below and expect new episodes to drop each Thursday.



I spent several months tracking down victims of a far ranging ponzi ring that spent decades swindling numerous innocent people. Like a Mini-Madoff in Houston and Marlin, the story is tragic and heartbreaking and I’m so proud to share a byline with investigative reporter and true crime podcaster, Alissa Fleck on this. She did an astounding job of taking the interviews and some of my notes and tracking down more info to really flesh out this story.

So proud to finally see this go live. Hopefully having their story told is the first step to closure and peace for some people who lost everything, including family members in a few instances. The article below is just part one of a series, here’s hoping that law enforcement and other investigative reporters pick up some of the breadcrumbs we’ve left them…

Check out the first few paragraphs below and you can read the rest at Alissa’s site Crimescoop:


Lakshimanarayan “Lucky” Srinivasan, Jeremy Raju Srinivasan, Gwendolyn “Gwen” Stone Stallworth-Sumrall, Alvar Chari, Anirban Haldar and their many co-conspirators, have conned individuals, families, businesses and other organizations out of multiple millions of dollars in cash and assets over the past several decades, leaving many of their victims destitute and their lives ripped apart. The racketeering ring has used a combination of check-kiting, reverse Ponzi and other fraudulent investment schemes to extort money from their hard-working victims, court records show. In 2016, under mounting financial pressure caused by his and his co-conspirators’ volitional fraudulent entanglements, Jeremy murdered his wife and two young children before fatally turning the gun on himself. Lucky, Gwen and the others continue to actively seek new investors to swindle.


*Some names in this story have been changed where requested to protect victims’ identities. Their names are asterisked. 


Exactly five years ago today, on the morning of April 19, 2016, at 8:30 a.m., Jeremy Raju Srinivasan, 37, sent his father Lakshimanarayan “Lucky” Srinivasan a final text message: “Everything is not OK. Please call police. Goodbye.” What came next was a tragedy that would rock their quiet Houston, Texas suburb, leaving in its wake a trail of devastation and unanswered questions.

Within 15 minutes of sending that text message, Jeremy, his wife Natalie Altier Srinivasan, 35, and their two children, 5-year-old Sienna and 2-year-old Michael James (“MJ”), would be found dead by police inside their Katy, Texas home. One of the detectives who processed the scene, Detective Daniel Calvillo of the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department, told family members that Natalie was found in bed with a single bullet wound to the head. Jeremy had killed his wife, then shot each kid twice in the head where they lay asleep in bed, before turning the gun on himself.

read the rest of part I directly at Crimescoop!


Defense for the Prosecution: the trial of Kai the Hitchhiker

Kai the Hitchhiker has been the victim of an unfair system after years of unconstitutional detention, questionable and potentially illegal investigation methods, and a trial where even his own defense attorney seemed out to get him.

In the case of Caleb McGillvary, better known by many as Kai the Hitchhiker, the phrase “guilty until proven innocent” has been turned on its ear. Kai went from folk hero and living meme to accused of murder. However, an eyewitness for the trial confirmed disturbing discrepancies in the trial transcript. “Now, I’m going to go over some of the stuff that the State’s going to say well.” As he faced the Jury, his face contorted and his voice vehement with rage, Cito pointed accusingly at Kai. “That shows my client is full of crap,” he continued. “He did this intentionally. He purposefully ran out of the house.” This may sound a bit strange as if the defense were working hand in hand with the prosecution. As strange as it sounds, several moments in the trial support this possibility.

You can find part I of my series on some of the many issues with the trial at The Latest. Part II should be online soon and shooting for part 3 of 4 should be online next week. Follow my site for the latest of my coverage on this case and other stories.

bitcoin mt gox ross ulbricht

Blast from the Past: Mt Gox & SilkRoad in the news

Ah, the 2010s such a simpler time wasn’t it? A golden age of the internet was soon to pass as the “wild west days” of cyberspace would be inevitably clamped down and ever-elusive “original content” would be replaced by the same corporate crap that makes cable and broadcast television a stultifying bore.

A couple names I haven’t heard in a while are back in the news though: Ross Ulbricht AKA (allegedly) DreadPirateRoberts the admin of the darkweb drug network SilkRoad and Mt. Gox the grandfather of all crypto exchanges. In this video some of the strange connections to these two stories are examined in light of Mt. Gox’s (alleged) plan to make right their debts after the (alleged) hack of nearly 1 million BTC before they shut down. Very special thanks to Stevia Sphere for the royalty-free beautiful bitwave background music. You can listen or download the album at the link below: https://steviasphere.bandcamp.com/album/software-piracy