FBI Fingerprints On Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination

For Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Covert Action Magazine, home to some of the best national security state reporting there is, has published a mammoth piece, “Did J. Edgar Hoover Order the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr?” Despite the supposed rule about headlines making bold claims, this lengthy piece actually brings the goods. It got me to thinking about some of the recent news related to Sirhan Sirhan, where a steady trickle of new JFK assassination documents continue to slowly leak to the public the last few years. As well as some of the strange events surrounding news related to Malcolm X’s assassination, a cover-up or conspiracy involving, among others, NYPD and the FBI.

Just as in the case of RFK, JFK and Malcolm X, the MLK case begins to project a shadow of a doubt at the least upon closer inspection. Once some of the details that weren’t available until the last decade come changes everything we thought we knew about the story.

In 2012, for instance, G. Robert Blakey, staff director to the House Senate Committee on Assassinations, said he had been lied to by the CIA. They never revealed the CIA background of George Joannides. Blakey told the Clarion-Ledger in Jacksonville, Mississippi, that “thoughtful people today, not just nuts, think that more people than James Earl Ray were involved [in King’s killing].”

In addition to that, in 1999, a mixed-race jury came to a unanimous verdict. Martin Luther King Jr. they ruled, was assassinated in a conspiracy involving the U.S. government. King’s widow, Coretta Scott King made it clear how she felt, saying “there is abundant evidence of a major, high-level conspiracy in the assassination of my husband.” The jury found that the mafia and various local, state, and federal government agencies were involvement. They also found involvement of organized crime, local, state and federal government “were deeply involved in the assassination…. Mr. Ray was set up to take the blame.” If this sounds a little crazy you likely aren’t aware of, for instance, the FBI’s plans to pit the mafia against Communist Party USA (CPUSA).

That time the FBI tried to get the Mob to attack CPUSA pic.twitter.com/tuVuHgi9hf— Robert Skvarla (@RobertSkvarla) January 16, 2022

Ray, the likely patsy, already had some shady government ties similar to Oswald’s connection to Bannister, Ferrie and company’s Services Unlimited front. Once he was sentenced, Ray fired his lawyer (who also had ties to the mob). Percy Foreman, he claimed, ahd pressured him into pleading guilty. Then there’s the conflict of interest, Foreman had 60% royalty rights on a book about Ray by William Bradford Hule, but who would have bought a book about James Earl Ray the exonerated patsy. Especially in comparison to James Early Ray “the man who shot MLK.”

Similar to the cases of JFK and RFK, there is forensic evidence that calls Ray’s involvement into question, from lack of fingerprints to not being able to match the bullet to the rifle that Ray allegedly left on the steps of the Canipe Amusement Company. A decoy Mustang in the area, Add to that the fact that the “star witness,” Charles Quitman Stephens, had been arrested 155 times related to alcohol abuse and was quite sauced when the shooting occurred.

John Larry Ray said at the time of the shooting his brother was waiting in his Mustang, not the decoy’s, for his handler, Raoul. Raoul, was allegedly Ray’s Cuban handler drug trafficking, not unlike many of the characters who come up again and again when looking at the Kennedy assassinations Cubans . Not just Ray’s family though, the King family also believed Ray was framed.

Similarly more and more evidence has come to light regarding FBI involvement in the assassinations of Malcolm X and Fred Hampton as well. Just months ago, Malcolm X’s daughter, Malikah Shabazz, was “found dead” in her home. I found the timing instantly suspect considering earlier that year there was a supposed letter from a police officer confessing to being part of a conspiracy to kill Malcolm X that the NYPD claimed was fake.

Yes, the same NYPD that was complicit in covering up Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes. And it was that same NYPD who instantly commented that there was nothing suspect about Shabazz being found dead days after the FBI finally admitted their involvement in the X assassination leading to two men who had been held for decades in prison being freed. A few weeks later, the medical examiner would echo what the police had speculated initially. That it was “a natural death of undetermined cause and there is no suspicion of foul play.”

Busta Rhymes and T.I. shared a screenshot from a fake news story about a supposed ex-CIA agent “Bill Oxley” confessing on his deathbed to the assassination of Bob Marley. No record of any Bill Oxley working for the CIA. He is listed as either 76 or 79 at time of death. No hospital records or even a photograph, the picture on the site being a simple stock photo.

Regardless of lack of a smoking gun revealing CIA fingerprint in Marley’s death, there is a good deal of information in John Potash’s The FBI War on Tupac Shakur: state repression of black leaders from the Civil Rights Era to the 1990s. That coupled with more information appearing bit by bit about multiple civil rights leaders being targeted by a conspiracy comprised of feds, local law enforcement and, often, organized crime elements such as the mafia, KKK or motorcycle gangs like the Hell’s Angels.

Ray definitely had to have some help in order to not only have money to live on but enough to afford fake identities, a new face care of plastic surgery and classes from bartending and dance to hypnosis. His motive was said to be pure racist hatred, but friends say that doesn’t square with the man they knew who was no stranger to interracial relationships between black and white himself. They also claimed the “evidence” proving he was a racist was planted by police. Add to that the fact that, like the patsy Oswald, Ray just wasn’t a very great shot as evidenced by their military records. Ray had even been recruited into Wild Bill Donovan’s Office of Strategic Services, the precursor to the CIA. Even the base he served at in Frankfurt was, oddly enough, housed in an I.G. Farben building that was somehow spared the Allied bombing.

Add to that lumbar punctures by Army doctors allowing for parenteral drug administration, his claims that he was strongly affected by an incident involving him shooting a Black soldier accused of beating up Jews and raping an officer’s family member. This turned out to be untrue.

Covert Action Magazine points out that mysterious gaps in Ray’s military record also make it seem like he could potentially be an MK-Ultra candidate. Both the Army and the CIA began experimenting with LSD and various other powerful drugs, hypnosis and other methods of “mind control” or behavior modification in the early 1950s.

In addition to that, FBI documents prove that Ray didn’t just take hypnosis classes, he saw a couple hypnotists himself in L.A. just after his Army stint had ended. One, Xavier von Koss, wonder of wonders was an Army intelligence officer who was a possible Operation Paperclip ringer. Yes, that’s right, if you weren’t aware, the CIA helped Nazis escape justice at Nuremberg and then recruited them in our space program, in intelligence and pretty much doing most of what they were already doing under Hitler, just for the USA rather than the NSDAP.

Ray was even ordered to Montreal to the Memorial Institute at McGill University to be hypnotized while in the service. This is where Dr. Ewen Cameron, responsible for depatterning and other cruel experiments Cameron engaged in caused lifetime damage in many.

There’s also Dr. Donald B. Peterson, head of psychiatry at the Army’s Far East Command during the Korean War. In case you weren’t aware, the connections between the Korean War, biowarfare and the MK-Ultra program are manifold as well. Dr. Louis Jolyon West, for instance, interviewed the pilots supposedly “brainwashed” in Korea. Peterson prescribed Ray with Librium after a failed attempt to escape from prison. Librium was listed as a compound of interested regarding deepening and strengthening the effects of narco-hypnosis (drug aided hypnosis was a major part of the early years of Project Artichoke and MK-Ultra).

When Ray escaped he was given the identity of a Canadian asset of U.S. Army intelligence, “Eric St. Vincent Galt.” Galt ran a warehouse for Union Carbide which, again, like I.G. Farben ties back to both the Nazis and the CIA. Raoul, who some speculate was actually J.C. Harden, Raoul Coelho or Raoul Esquivel, initially helped Ray flee the scene before jumping out of the car and leaving Ray to be captured.

Like Timothy McVeigh (until MK-Ultra Doc “Jolly” West cured him), he was convinced that Feds were “messing with his mind.” And his father believed him to have been drugged. So in addition to pre-CIA intelligence activities, we know Ray was working undercover for the FBI from 1949 to 1952. There was even an intelligence asset in the boarding house Ray was staying in at the time of MLK assassination.

There’s even a grassy knoll type situation. Two associates of King who were present when he was killed say the body lurched upward when he was shot, meaning the shot would have had to come from below, perhaps in the bushes rather than from above where Ray supposedly was stationed. Multiple witnesses reported seeing a man crouching in the bushes and running away after hearing a bang. One described the person as wearing a high-necked white sweater with a long gun in his hands. Another witness saw a fireman standing near the wall below the bushes yelling at the police that the shot came from the bushes, but the police ignored him.

The Kennedy coincidences don’t end there though. Jack Ruby’s Vegas Club’s phone number was found in a phone book of H.L. Hunt. Funny thing is, the number is listed as “Raul J” followed by the Dallas phone number of the club run by Jack Ruby, the man who shot Oswald. Ruby, by the way, also met with MK-Ultra doctors and believed that they were giving him “crazy pills” and strange injections before he would die of cancer. Another piece of paper had Raul’s name and a date for payment, a third had the phone number and extension for Atlanta’s FBI field office.

There’s also the fact that the Memphis Police Department just happened to have pulled off several security units which would expedite the flight of those responsible. Ed Redditt, a black detective with MPD was pulled off his post just an hour before the shooting and placed in “home confinement” after the FBI warned MPD of an assassination attempt directed against him (as it turns out, no such assassination attempt existed, but it did serve to get his eyes off the scene).

Another scare was called in another scare just before the shooting, again diverting police away from the area where King would die. Lloyd Jowers, owner of Jim’s Grill, where Ray said he met Raoul, would eventually make the claim that he was paid $100,000 by Frank Liberto via Liberto, Liberto and Latch Produce Company in Memphis to set up the hit. Liberto was a member of the Carlos Marcello crime family. Douglas Valentine in his book CIA as Organized Crime or Potash’s Drugs as Weapons Against Us give many examples of federal agencies, law enforcement and intelligence working arm in arm with organized crime on such dirty deeds as gun and drug running, assassinations and other illicit activities.

It’s well known that FBI stalked even the likes of John Lennon, but the vitriol and constant infiltration and subversion of the COINTELPRO strategy seemed especially personal with King. There was even a letter sent in 1964 alleging him to be a fraud, “a grim farce” and urging him to commit suicide. There is even verifiable COINTELPRO activity, a “memo” by G.C. Moore, chief of the “racial intelligence” division of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Program:

The fine Hotel Lorraine in Memphis is owned and patronized exclusively by Negroes but King didn’t go there after his hasty exit [from] the demonstration of March 28. Instead, King decided the plush Holiday Inn Motel, white-owned, operated and almost exclusively white patronized, was the place to “cool it.” There will be no boycott of white merchants for King, only for his followers

Add that to the many links tying the FBI and MPD and there seems to be at least enough evidence to cast more than a bit of doubt on the official narrative.

From Stargate and Scientology to Epstein: Philip Fairbanks On Skeptiko

I recorded interview with Alex Tsakiris from Skeptiko last month. We talk about a lot of topics, including some pretty personal ones. If you’re interested in occultist and rocket engineer Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard, Aleister Crowley, CIA and military remote viewing then this is definitely one to check out!

We talk about cults, my own personal religious beliefs. Like many of my interviews, we start on certain topics but in my trademark style we end up going on several tangents and exploring various rabbitholes.

If you would like to hear more check out other podcasts and radio shows in the  interview section. You can get your copy of Pedogate Primer: the politcs of pedophilia for Kindle and it is free to read instantly with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. You can also pick up the paperback from Amazon, Barnes & NobleTarget and Powell’s Books and a few other shops worldwide including Australia, Taiwan and Poland. The audiobook, narrated by myself, was also released at Audible.com. If you’d like a review copy of the audiobook, contact me through the contact form or email at kafkaguy@gmail.com and I’ll send you a promo code.

Weezer and TLC “Say It Ain’t Scrubs” and Bluegrass Nirvana covers

I’ve always enjoyed mashing up genres and one of the earliest examples of this are my bluegrass cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana and the mash-up of Weezer’s Say It Ain’t So and TLC’s No Scrubs.

I found long ago that both Nirvana (and oddly enough Culture Club’s Do You Really Wanna Hurt Me) translate well to a bluegrass style. Someone requested I try to put together the rest of the Weezer/TLC mash-up and told them I would do that and throw in some bluegrass Nirvana for free. I’m quite rusty on the guitar and my singing voice is out of practice as well, but practice makes better, right?

I guess you could say I’m taking requests? Anyway, I’m taking random comments from people who follow me on social media and using that as an excuse to either make or upload things I made. Was fooling around last night and mentioned how I used to mashup the TLC song No Scrubs and Weezer’s Say It Ain’t So. Recorded the chorus and someone requested it. Not sure if they were just kidding or not, but all I needed was an excuse to figure out how to put the two songs together.

Confederacy of Dunces Ignatius O'Reilly

A Scene From Confederacy Of Dunces Narrated by Philip Fairbanks

I first discovered J.K. Toole’s work while homeless so “the problem of space” discussed (where to keep all your books and notebooks, of course) hit home (pun not intended) quite hard. This is a scene from early in the book, Ignatius O’Reilly is being hassled and harassed by a busybody cop while his mother is shopping and he is fiddling around with his lute strings. Like Ignatius, I seem to be a cop magnet even when I’m technically not doing anything wrong so I had some fun with this.

I guess you could say I’m “taking requests” but more so, taking random comments from mutual followers on social media and using that as an excuse to create or upload things I already would have given an excuse or possibly would have gotten around to otherwise.

I was homeless but had a library card so the first time I read Confederacy of Dunces I was couch hopping, squatting in abandoned (in some cases soon to be condemned) properties until I got busted and they put me up in a hotel after I started quoting the Tennessee Code Annotated law for “adverse possession” so they just put me up in a hotel until the homeless shelter in town had a room for me. Anyway, I remember reading that book, reading it aloud often. “The problem of space” still haunts me. I’m not homeless now but not quite financially stable so worrying about what will happen to my books, notebooks etc. if I end up having to resort to a quick or forced exodus is something that still resonates quite strongly.

If you enjoy this or my other videos, political rants, narration of short stories and occasionally some guitar pickin’ you can follow me on YouTube. I’m KunstKrieg KinoPix Studios but may be shadowbanned because sometimes even searching for the direct title of my videos along with my channel name I still have to scroll and scroll to find a video if it can even be found without going to my own account and checking the video library there.

BBC To Make Biopic of Jimmy Savile, Prolific Child Predator They Protected for Decades

Jimmy Savile wasn’t just on Top of the Pops, he was top of the world for decades. He was one of the most famous and beloved celebrities in England, close friends with Prince Charles and Andrew, hung out with the Beatles. But of course, after his death, the rumors that had circulated for so long were finally admitted to be so.

one of many photos of Jimmy Savile playfully cavorting with the Fab Four

Up until then, Jimmy Savile’s hundreds of victims often found themselves disbelieved by authorities, staff at the hospitals he visited for “charity” and even sometimes the parents of the children themselves. Steve Coogan, who plays the character of daft news presenter Alan Partridge, will play the part of Savile in “The Reckoning.” But has there really been any reckoning for the BBC itself? They banned Johnny Rotten in the 70s for years just for mentioning that “everybody knew what that cigar muncher was up to.” To profit off of a story they were complicit in seems at the very least tasteless.

Most recently, I saw it reported that some victims will be on set and meet Steve Coogan “in character.” Meeting victims to ensure sensitivity to their stories makes sense, but in character?! Savile is mentioned multiple times in my book Pedogate Primer: the politics of pedophilia.

Pedogate Primer is available in paperback from Amazon, Barnes & NobleTarget and Powell’s Books and a few other shops worldwide including Australia, Taiwan and Poland. The audiobook, narrated by myself, is also for sale at Audible.com. If you’d like a review copy of the audiobook, contact me through the contact form or email at kafkaguy@gmail.com and I’ll send you a promo code. You can also check out several podcasts and radio shows I appeared on to talk about the book in the  interview section.

Kai the Hitchhiker Crime Scene Photos And Transcripts

The bulk of the media coverage of the Caleb McGillvary (better known as Kai the Hitchhiker) trial seems to have ignored some rather salient points like the fact that the alleged rapist died with blood and semen on his penis. Or the fact that Kai’s claims of being drugged couldn’t be proved due to a dishwasher being run to wash out the glasses. This occurred around the time the alleged rapist, Joseph Galfy’s brother, the former sheriff of the town, was inexplicably allowed to enter (i.e. contaminate) the crime scene.

A cursory glance at transcripts and photos reveal so much wrong with the case that for whatever reasons most mainstream news outlets haven’t bothered to look more deeply into. I will be uploading crime scene photos and transcripts here and any more pertinent documents or images in order to provide easy access to the raw data that defense, prosecution and the mainstream media reporting all neglected. For an intro on exactly what all this means, explanations of the photos and some interesting points culled from the transcript and investigation notes refer to my article “Massive Miscarriage of Justice” from 2018 available online here.

Download 99 page Grand Jury transcript here.

Union of Unwanted Minds Roundtable w/ Philip Fairbanks & Others

Ricky Varandas, host of the Ripple Effect podcast, had had me on his show previously. He was kind enough to invite to join the roundtable discussion surrounding Agenda 2030 and the future our cultural engineer oligarchs have been planning for us for years. Since about mid-November just before Thanksgiving I have been winding down a little bit to get some rest for the holidays but now that Christmas weekend is ending, will be time to get back full force. I am still in the midst of working on a barnburner of a follow-up book to Pedogate Primer: the politics of pedophilia. Still conducting interviews, seeking out primary sources, reading books, essays, studies and other secondary sources and taking notes.

I have a loose outline already and hope to be ready to start drafting between Spring and Summer. That will hopefully give me time to gather a few more folders of material from the UCLA Library Dr. Louis Jolyon West special collection as well. Joining me on the roundtable are a number of author authors, podcasters and radio hosts including the host of Skeptiko who I recorded with a couple weeks back and will hopefully be live soon and False Reality Check podcast whose episode with me dropped just a few days ago. Will be adding the couple of interviews I missed over the next few days to catch up and will hopefully be firing up the podcast again now that I’m mostly recovered from the injury and surgery and back to full time work. Check out the audio for the episode below.


You can also see the video of the discussion at Rokfin below


If you would like to hear more check out other podcasts and radio shows in the  interview section. You can get your copy of Pedogate Primer: the politcs of pedophilia for Kindle and it is free to read instantly with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. You can also pick up the paperback from Amazon, Barnes & NobleTarget and Powell’s Books and a few other shops worldwide including Australia, Taiwan and Poland. The audiobook, narrated by myself, was also just released at Audible.com. If you’d like a review copy of the audiobook, contact me through the contact form or email at kafkaguy@gmail.com and I’ll send you a promo code.


Interview on Dr. Louis Jolyon West, MK-Ultra and Subtle Cultural Control

The term “mind control” or “brainwashing” conjures up scifi visions of mind controlled assassins, people in zombie states and other outlandish ideas. Much of the interest in MK-Ultra tends toward the use of psychedelics, especially LSD. The cultural control through use of the Mockingbird network of CIA assets in mainstream media, literary and art journals and elsewhere is often overlooked as part of MK-Ultra mind control.

Another issue we mention are Sirhan Sirhan, John Mark Chapman and John Hinkley as well as Dr. Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West and how he shows up everywhere from Jack Ruby to Patty Hearst to Jonestown to McVeigh and beyond. Some of what’s covered here is based on some recently received documents from the UCLA library special collections on Dr. West.

We also briefly mention my book Pedogate Primer: the politics of pedophilia which makes mention of West and Elizabeth Loftus related to the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, who I interviewed. I mention some of the new materials I’ve gone through in the interview that are somewhat interesting in light of the Ghislaine Maxwell defense using the “false memories” defense via Dr. Elizabeth Loftus

Pedogate Primer is available in paperback from Amazon, Barnes & NobleTarget and Powell’s Books and a few other shops worldwide including Australia, Taiwan and Poland. The audiobook, narrated by myself, is also for sale at Audible.com. If you’d like a review copy of the audiobook, contact me through the contact form or email at kafkaguy@gmail.com and I’ll send you a promo code. I have a few other recent appearances I’ll be posting throughout the week as well as recording another interview next week. If you would like to hear more check out other podcasts and radio shows in the  interview section.


Shaman Claus: The Secret Psychedelic Roots of The Santa mythos

Yule, yellow snow, psychedelic mushrooms and the true meaning of Christmas

Originally published in two parts for Gifts From Earth on December 30, 2015 Philip]

Boy, the Holidays just aren’t what they used to be. What happened to those old holiday traditions that brought the community together like stringing popcorn on the tree or singing carols through the neighborhood or recycling your amanitas infused urine for the community to enjoy for the Solstice celebration. Yes, that’s right, our current “Santa Mythology” is steeped in some strange lore that we’ll begin to explore in this story.

Shaman Claus

The origins of both medicine and religion have some similar roots. Many of them reach thousands of years back to Tengerian tradition of Shamanic myth, magic and medicine. The Tengerian Shamanic tradition of Siberia was also influential on the traditional Christmas celebration and the Santa Claus mythos connected to it, as we’ll see today.

Among these cultures are the northern Tungusic people, Lapps, Evenki and other Siberian tribes.  The Evenki were predominantly hunter-gatherers and reindeer herders as were most living in the harsh region. The Evenki people’s word “saman” meaning “one who knows the spirits” is the root of the word describing the “medicine man” type religious healer in pre-modern cultures.  An important part of the religious and healing ceremonies of the Tengerian Shamanic medicine man was the use of “fly agaric” the Amantis muscaria mushroom, better known colloquially as a “red-cap” or “toadstool.”

If you’ve seen pictures of giant red warty mushrooms in fairy tale drawings or little white spotted mushrooms in Byzantine art featuring Jesus then you’ve seen the amanitas mushroom. Interestingly enough, it’s not called a toadstool because toads are known to sit on it, rather because of a constituent that also happens to be found in “eyes of newts”(or Bufo Alvarius, the Sonoran Desert Toad) and other witchy sounding formulas.

Santa Claus (with his reindeer and red cap and stockings) is ” a modern counterpart of a shaman, who consumed mind-altering plants and fungi to commune with the spirit world,” according to Dr. John Rush,  anthropology instructor at Sierra College in Rocklin, Calif.

In order to prepare the amanitas mushroom (which can be a potent toxin) the mushrooms were placed in a large sock and hung over the hearth to dry. Stockings, anyone? The “gift of the mushroom” was often found beneath pine trees. This could also be an explanation for the “red, white and green” colors being associated with Christmas celebrations. The Shaman himself, when giving the gift of muscaria throughout the frozen Siberian Winter Solstice would appear dressed as a giant amanitas (with a red cap and white dots on his suit).

Even today in Lapland (a portion of Finland inhabited by the indigenous Sami people) diminutive reindeer herders wear brightly Christmas colored clothing and herd reindeers. That “elf” style hat, has a name you know. Yes, it’s a “Laplander hat.”

Lapplanders in traditional garb

Stay tuned next as we explain why the reindeer games were really gross, how modern civilization may not have existed if some brave souls hadn’t eaten the yellow snow and why we put a star on an evergreen and bring it in the house once a year.

 In part I of this article, we started exploring the shamanic roots of the Santa Claus legend and how it ties in to the Northern European, Siberian and Arctic circle tribes such as the Sami and Evenki. The Sami, also known as Laplanders, are a nomadic Finnish tribe who just happen to wear brightly colored elf-style clothing and pointy hats when they’re not herding, you guessed it, reindeer, are responsible for a lot of the original Yule celebratory rituals that bled into the Christmas tradition that took place right around the same Solstice period.

To understand the importance of these Yule rites, you have to consider the harsh conditions in Siberia and Arctic Finland. This is the land of the midnight Sun. The (quite literal) dark side of the midnight sun is the end of Autumn, the shortest day of the year is Winter Solstice and around this time the sun nearly disappears almost entirely for that shortest and darkest day of the Solstice that marks the beginning of the Yule celebration.

As we mentioned in the last story, long  before the story of the Magi giving gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, the Yule-tide season was known in these cold, dark areas as a time of celebration and gift giving. The gift in question was generally the amanitas muscaria mushroom. The redcap fungus with the distinctive white spots were known as the “fruit” of the evergreens and firs they were often found under. Mystified by the mycelial network forming without any apparent seeds being dropped, this phenomenon was occasionally referred to as a “virgin birth.”

Now we already showed how the traditional Santa legend was heavily shaped by Shamanic tradition, right down to drying the amanitas muscaria mushrooms in a large stocking over the hearth and bringing evergreens indoors to fend off the cold and dark. Imagine now, it’s another cold Finnic or Siberian winter in pre-history. You’re cold and the longest days only last for a few hours of dim, blue light here this close to the Solstice. All of a sudden you see what looks like a giant red cap mushroom heading towards you on a reindeer, chortling in the sheer ecstasy (ex- stasis, meaning to literally come “outside” of one’s self) of shamanic delirium. He hands you a stocking full of fire dried red cap mushrooms in a stocking. Considering the high likelihood of seasonal affective depression being exacerbated by the harsh Arctic condition, the idea of Yuletide gift giving was helpful for getting through the harsh winters.

The “gift” of the amanitas was generally discovered under certain varietals of evergreens (yes, the same sorts of pine and first that many of us still haul into the house at the end of the year) echoing the “Yule log” rite which purportedly staved away the frosty, near perma-darkness of the darkest point in the year in the land of the Midnight Sun.

Prancing and dancing reindeer? Yeah, we got those. In fact there’s a possibility that discovery of the filtration of the amanitas toxins through urine was an important part of the tradition. Reindeer and tribesmen alike would share in a mug of “recycled” amanitas. Which gives a whole new meaning to the old saying about the “yellow snow.”

The Arctic reindeer herding tribes who used amanitas noticed that the reindeers enjoyed chewing the fungal “fruit” of the evergreens after which they got “frisky” and seemed to dance and prance around for a while. This coupled with the fact that amanitas hallucinations often involve delusions of flying and size distortion makes a lot of the rest of the seeming non sequiturs in our Holiday tradition make a little more sense.

So, elf clothing, reindeer, red caps with white puffballs, gift giving, taking trees indoors and stockings full of gifts, eh? Yes, it’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas, isn’t it? Stay tuned as we continue our exploration into the ethnobotanical roots of the traditional Christmas celebration soon. In our next story we’ll cover more parallels and connections between the pre-Christian pagan Solstice traditions and the more modern holiday traditions that occurred as a result.

Philip Fairbanks Pedogate Primer Interview With Programmed To Chill


I spoke with Jimmy Fallun Gong of the Programmed To Chill podcast recently. We covered several topics from the Pedogate Primer: politics of pedophilia book and also went on quite a few tangents related to some of those issues. It’s a long one, over 2 hours (and likely could have gone another hour or two time permitting), but if you have time or feel like taking it in sections the conversation is really compelling stuff.

Follow the link to check it out.

Meanwhile, I have a few other recent appearances I’ll be posting throughout the week as well as recording another interview next week. If you would like to hear more check out other podcasts and radio shows in the  interview section. You can get your copy of Pedogate Primer: the politcs of pedophilia for Kindle and it is free to read instantly with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. You can also pick up the paperback from Amazon, Barnes & NobleTarget and Powell’s Books and a few other shops worldwide including Australia, Taiwan and Poland. The audiobook, narrated by myself, was also just released at Audible.com. If you’d like a review copy of the audiobook, contact me through the contact form or email at kafkaguy@gmail.com and I’ll send you a promo code.