Exploring the Manila International Book Fair

Major publishers, indie and small press, book signings and books as far as the eye can see. The Manila International Book Fair 2022 had something for everyone.

In between the lockdown of 2020, the spinal injury of 2021, and the financial recovery from surgery the previous year I haven’t been able to get out much the past few years. Despite not having much money to spend while I was there though I made my way to the Manila International Book Fair at the SMX convention center in Pasay. The longest-running book industry trade show in Asia, the last event was held in 2019 and had an attendance of around 160,000. It’s been a staple of the literary world in Manila for over 40 years now.

One exciting new change to the book fair is the Indie Village. I had already gotten in touch with San Anselmo press, who just released issue 2 of their Santelmo magazine featuring poetry, fiction, and essays in both English and Tagalog.

I’d already reached out to the book fair representatives asking about covering the event they advised me to first head to the media area, which conveniently was right near the front. After signing in, the woman at the table walked me along with my friend Kathleen and her friend, who acted as my cinematographer for the day.

First, we headed to see Pol Medina Jr. Sir Pol had a new release, Blood of the Shinobi book #4. It’s a bit bloody in parts but fast-paced action. I also brought my copy of volume 4 of Ink and Politics. They had some copies of volume 1 for sale there. Medina is also a political cartoonist. The volume I have is from 2018, so there’s plenty of material related to Trump, the Singapore NoKo/US summit even Dennis Rodman makes an appearance in a frame. Another highlight for me was getting to hear a woman express her excitement at finally getting a book signed by Pol.

As mentioned earlier, the indie village section was very interesting to me. I love small press always have, indie music, indie movies, and the freedom from the micromanaging of the industries that treat art as a commodity alone is a beautiful thing. While there, I talked with Gay Ace Domingo with San Anselmo. And I had to pick up a copy of a book by Ara Villena, who I’ll be collaborating with on my first children’s book coming in 2023. Her artwork is amazing, she’s also had work published by Adarna and met some of the folks from there at their booth as well.

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Scientology’s Ties to Project Stargate

Project Stargate was centered around SRI International research center and the CIA, NSA, DIA, DOD and multiple US military branches took advantage of the work done there. The work being done was related to “remote viewing” and psychic spying. I was aware that 2 of the 3 main researchers were Scientologists, but until delving into the Ingo Swann special collection was not aware to what extent that Scientology and Dianetics played in the secret spy program.

Kai the Hitchhiker Book Update

It’s certainly been a long time coming, but it appears as if the Kai the Hitchhiker book is nearing completion. Last week I finished the first draft and did one last read through and fixed some typos and other issues. Now it’s off to be proofread and while that’s going on I’ll finish the end notes and work on the companion volume (transcripts of interviews, portions of the jury selection, grand jury and trial transcripts and portions of motions filed by Kai or parties he has taken to court that are cited in the main book). Over 5 years in the works and certainly my most intensive investigative work to date. Expect to see it available by early December, but possibly sooner if you pre-order (pre-order sales should begin in October). Drop me a line at kafkaguy[at]gmail.com if you’d like a review copy or to set up an interview, podcast appearance, livestream etc. later this year once it gets closer to release date.

From Encyclopedia Dramatic to the War of Kiwi Farms

With Kiwi Farms being dropped and archive sites being pressured to pull material I thought it might be interesting to talk about the development of this specific trolling subculture that grew out of imageboards like 4chan and 8chan and especially the wiki site Encyclopedia Dramatica. If all goes well, I should have a guest with me to speak on the topic who, as an insider, knows far more than most normies and even semi-normie weirdos like me.

Cnsider this part 1 and I’ll just share a bit about my history with early imageboard culture and ED as well as some of my personal experiences with the kinds of creepy cyberstalkers I’ve dealt with as well as talking with long-time ED insider Adrienne Blaire.

Where the Rabbit Hole Leads: the Skinny on Cocaine Trafficking Through New Jersey

The thing about following down rabbit holes is you never know where they’ll lead. Sometimes the results are exciting, sometimes scary. My recent journeys down a couple particular New Jersey rabbit holes have been both and thanks to an anonymous tipster I have new leads to chase regarding the organized crime and corruption element that stems from Union County’s valuable waterfront property. The info ties implicates multiple cops from Elizabeth, Union County in cocaine trafficking and protecting drug dealers. I’ve also identified the 1970s-80s cocaine route via Florida originating in Colombia. How that ties to a stash house/car repair shop/money laundering front who may have been the ones installing those trap doors in cars to smuggle the dope out of state. Also, a source with explosive news that I’m working on corroborating has led me down a rabbit hole that may tie the cop protected cocaine trafficking rings to the slew of predators who I was remiss to personally call an organized ring until just recently when that same anonymous source shared personal information that may tie a Union County sheriff to the drug trade via the Hernandez crime family. Buckle up folks, this is a wild one…

Kai the Hitchhiker, Occult Fascism and More on the Dangerous World Podcast

I was asked back on the Dangerous World podcast this week. We talked about the human sacrifices with the Matamoros drug trafficking cult and the fascist origins of groups like Order of 9 Angles and The Temple of Set as well as the latest news with The Satanic Temple. We also cover some of my recent investigation into the Kai the Hitchhiker case.

You can find more from Ryan Dean’s Dangerous World podcast at anchor.fm or YouTube.

The Satanic Temple Threatens Woman Who Outs Sexual Assault

The Satanic Temple is no stranger to suing anyone who calls them out. Despite claiming to be champions of free speech and expression if you choose to express yourself by pointing out facts about the organization that are on the record, or outing instances like multiple sexual assault allegations the group swiftly turns as rabid as Scientology on a bad day.

From the Archives: MK-Ultra Researcher Dr. Jolly Lecture on Hippies

Dr. Louis Jolyon West, or “Dr. Jolly” as he was known to some was a fascinating character. Known today mainly for his work on mind control he was also involved in the civil rights movement, took part in the Jack Ruby investigation, the Patty Hearst Trial, investigated Jonestown, fought Scientology, headed the Cult Awareness Network and much more. I was doing some digging today in regards to an upcoming project that has required me to do a deep dive into rare materials, some unavailable online or only found in certain archives by request. During this search, I found this gem of an artifact. Dr. West, who was mentioned in Tom O’Neill’s book on Charles Manson due to his proximity to the Haight-Ashbury scene where he had a “pad” he lived in to observe the hippies as well as “treating them” in his free clinic, gives a talk in the late 60s entitled “Hippies, Teenyboppers and the Asphalt Sherwood Forest.” After a few minute intro with some background from me you can listen to it in its entirety here.

Sex Crimes Against Children Up 300% With Apps Like Kik Driving the Numbers Up

Sex crimes against children have soared over 300% since 2020. The app Kik which I have written about previously as well as mentioning in my book Pedogate Primer is back in the news with multiple schoolteachers and hundreds of others busted in the past couple of weeks. The impact of covid, isolation and lax control of children’s internet usage are a major factor, but apps like Kik which have made news for years for facilitating these crimes are a driving force.

James Webb and the Institutional Infastructure That Led to MK-Ultra

There has been a lot of talk recently about the images from the James Webb Telescope operated by NASA. What is surprisingly not mentioned quite as much is the background of James Webb. A Cold War era Psychological Warfare pioneer who mustered the infrastructure of institutions of higher learning for the military-industrial complex while waging a war domestically against gays in government as part of the “Lavender Scare.”

I would argue that programs like MK-Ultra and numerous other questionable forays into biological, psychological and other forms of warfare owes a great debt to Webb. Without the institutions that were already networked by Webb’s Project Troy then the weaponization of higher education wouldn’t have succeeded to the scale it did. And continues to.