The True Story of Kai the Hitchhiker Book Released

In just over a calendar year, I went from hearing the news from RAW TV in London that they would be making a Kai the Hitchhiker documentary. I swiftly got to work, compiling my previous interviews, research, notes and documents, conducting new interviews, chasing new leads until this week when the ebook just showed up online. Meanwhile, did an interview with Savannah from Guilt by Corruption today that will hopefully be online soon. Next week I will be recording an episode for William Ramsey Investigates and have a handful of other shows that are interested in getting me on in the next few weeks as well. Hardcover print version of the book should be available any day now and in a few months we will release paperback which will hopefully offer another opportunity for a round of promotion.

Will keep everybody updated here, but we are also updating An FAQ is coming soon and I’ve got an outline for an article and video (think CinemaSins style “Everything Wrong with Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker in X Minutes”) that should be coming very soon as well. You can still donate to support the book for now. This will help cover cost of ads and promotional services that could help us get more eyes on this case.

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