Kai the Hitchhiker Book Update

It’s certainly been a long time coming, but it appears as if the Kai the Hitchhiker book is nearing completion. Last week I finished the first draft and did one last read through and fixed some typos and other issues. Now it’s off to be proofread and while that’s going on I’ll finish the end notes and work on the companion volume (transcripts of interviews, portions of the jury selection, grand jury and trial transcripts and portions of motions filed by Kai or parties he has taken to court that are cited in the main book). Over 5 years in the works and certainly my most intensive investigative work to date. Expect to see it available by early December, but possibly sooner if you pre-order (pre-order sales should begin in October). Drop me a line at kafkaguy[at]gmail.com if you’d like a review copy or to set up an interview, podcast appearance, livestream etc. later this year once it gets closer to release date.

2 thoughts on “Kai the Hitchhiker Book Update

  1. Congrats to your long and diligent work! I hope your book makes it to all press!

    I went looking into the ‘victim’ of Kai and stumbled on your detailed information.
    The fact that Galfy’s child molestation crimes were not mentioned in the Netflix film just stuck out to me, so I had to go looking into the googleverse.
    Let Kai know, he is lovable, no matter what mistakes or otherwise, he is worthy of love. Please tell him to remember to find his smile especially when it has been missing for a while. #fairtrialforkai


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