Union of Unwanted Minds Roundtable w/ Philip Fairbanks & Others

Ricky Varandas, host of the Ripple Effect podcast, had had me on his show previously. He was kind enough to invite to join the roundtable discussion surrounding Agenda 2030 and the future our cultural engineer oligarchs have been planning for us for years. Since about mid-November just before Thanksgiving I have been winding down a little bit to get some rest for the holidays but now that Christmas weekend is ending, will be time to get back full force. I am still in the midst of working on a barnburner of a follow-up book to Pedogate Primer: the politics of pedophilia. Still conducting interviews, seeking out primary sources, reading books, essays, studies and other secondary sources and taking notes.

I have a loose outline already and hope to be ready to start drafting between Spring and Summer. That will hopefully give me time to gather a few more folders of material from the UCLA Library Dr. Louis Jolyon West special collection as well. Joining me on the roundtable are a number of author authors, podcasters and radio hosts including the host of Skeptiko who I recorded with a couple weeks back and will hopefully be live soon and False Reality Check podcast whose episode with me dropped just a few days ago. Will be adding the couple of interviews I missed over the next few days to catch up and will hopefully be firing up the podcast again now that I’m mostly recovered from the injury and surgery and back to full time work. Check out the audio for the episode below.


You can also see the video of the discussion at Rokfin below


If you would like to hear more check out other podcasts and radio shows in the  interview section. You can get your copy of Pedogate Primer: the politcs of pedophilia for Kindle and it is free to read instantly with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. You can also pick up the paperback from Amazon, Barnes & NobleTarget and Powell’s Books and a few other shops worldwide including Australia, Taiwan and Poland. The audiobook, narrated by myself, was also just released at Audible.com. If you’d like a review copy of the audiobook, contact me through the contact form or email at kafkaguy@gmail.com and I’ll send you a promo code.


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