Why are so many MAGA influencers supporting NXIVM

Jack Posobiec, Laura Loomer, Mike Cernovich, Scott Adams, Ian Miles Cheong and other central “MAGA influencers” seem to have done a 180 when it comes to the sex cult NXIVM. It all started when I began to notice Adams and Cheong making several pro-NXIVM posts. From there I started to do some searching and noticed that in most of these cases the MAGA influencers even went so far as to delete their previous tweets regarding NXIVM. Unfortunately for them, you can’t delete the responses to your posts so the evidence of their formerly critical stances are there for anyone to see.

Considering the penchant of the likes of Posobiec, Loomer and Cernovich and other Deploraball alumni to manufacturing the news out of whole cloth, this phenomenon is a bit disturbing. At the center of all this seems to be the relationship between these MAGA influencers and Nicki Clyne the actress from Battlestar Galactica. The idea that the MAGA influencer inner circle might be as fond of “collateral” (the NXIVM parlance for blackmail materials) as the sex cult formerly run by Keith Raniere. We do know that Cassandra Fairbanks and Lauren Southern threatened to out Laura Loomer for supposedly blackmailing men into sex, but like the story of how Cernovich pled down his rape charges in a strikingly Dershowitz-esque manner, that may not even be a story for another day considering the litigious nature of the personalities involved.

Loomer, in addition to “making the news” (literally and metaphorically) by rushing the stage during a Shakespeare play was called out for her shenanigans with Posobiec. Posobiec was her partner in crime when she got arrested, luckily Canadian neocon and Zionist Ezra Levant had the Free Laura Loomer website set up to gather donations for her bail. What’s interesting is that the site was set up before she was arrested and the amount raised several thousands of dollars more than what bail would cost. This of course preceded Loomer’s nose job and the grift where she tried to play off a blowout as her political enemies “slashing her tires.” Just ignore the fact that it’s obvious those tires were old and bald and in need of repair, won’t you? Posobiec, by the way, was a former Navy intel officer who was famed for his little psyop stunt in setting up the “Rape Melania” posters in order to report on how awful the anti-Trump crowd were.

There has been some conjecture regarding Cernovich’s potential ties to Alan Dershowitz and his real reasons for trying to obtain court documents related to Jeffrey Epstein, but once again, without the full facts, I’ll decline to speak on that for the moment. For more embarrassing Cernovich material including deleted tweets and footage, by the way, I recommend the Cernovich Leaks site.

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