One Step forward two steps back: on the mend update

I have now spent most of 2021 either unable or hardly able to walk and confined to bed or wheelchair. Will be trying to get another doctors appointment to see if I’m ready for physical therapy next week. The hardest part is passed not having trouble operating doorknobs or opening bottles of water anymore still a ways to go before I’m back where I was. Going to spend time resting as much as possible and hopefully be back to normal (or as normal as I ever was LOL) soon. Great thanks to all who kept me in their prayers offered support and help during this difficult time. Much love and respect.

2 thoughts on “One Step forward two steps back: on the mend update

  1. I just heard the higher side interview that was excellent. Unbelievable about the massage wow! I hope you feel better I look forward to reading your book and I forwarded your interview to my wife. Thoughts and prayers brother, Stephen Schmitt


    1. Hey Stephen, thanks for reaching out. I’m a bit better than in the first few weeks but the last few weeks I think I pretty much reached as good as it’s going to get without surgery. Appreciate the support and the prayers for sure 🙂 And yeah, in all seriousness if you or someone you care about gets massages regularly or irregularly make sure to warn them to always keep the masseuse away from the neck!


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