Surrogate Prey (Filipino sludge/doom/stoner rock music review)

What exactly are Surrogate Prey? Well, according to biochemistry, biology and ecology research journals it’s equivalent to, for instance, lions being forced to hunt cattle in place of wildebeests. Apparently, the surrogate predator/surrogate prey relationship can be transformative as well. This kind of “in the wild alchemy” is capable of causing scorpions to adapt their venom when exposed to atypical predators.
Now, in its own right, you’ve got to admit, that’s pretty metal, but not nearly as metal as the Surrogate Prey I was lucky enough to meet this last weekend at Catch 272 in Quezon City.

Scientifically speaking, the environment and its make-up are vitally important to the behavior of ecology. I haven’t yet figured out what it is, but there’s something. Something present and silently lurking in the dark like a kapre in the depths of the jungle. This spirit, whether engkanto or demonyo, perhaps is responsible for playing the part of dark muse to the likes of Q.C.’s own transgressive art legend Manuel Ocampo and many a metal musician haunting the area, of which Surrogate Prey are a stellar example.

Surrogate Prey have recently released their first full-length album this year. Titled Wisdom to Scramble Your Brains Lysergik, the album follows a 2004 demo single and a 2011 demo, Antimatter Invocation. After this, an album split between our Surrogates and fellow Filipino metalmeisters Death After Birth was released. The split EP Burning Water, from 2015, was SP’s last studio outing before their official, full-length debut this year.

Finish reading this review at New Noise magazine.

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